Scotland. Southern end of Loch Eriboll to East of Durness by BMW motorcycle.

This was part of a journey of in excess of 300 miles that day. It was not as originally intended and I ended up trying to beat a weather front and to remain in sunny conditions for movie making. Ideally, the route is best done in the reverse direction, so that will have to be for another day when conditions are good. This section of the A838 road is almost entirely single track in nature and is similar to that on the majority of the eastern side of the loch and those roads to the south from up here. Unlike my previously posted movies using the bikecam (the orange housing can be seen to the left of the fairing) this movie has been made with a similar camera mounted on my helmet. I appreciate that the audio roar is not ideal, but as yet I have not upgraded to a properly placed microphone….!!!!!

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