Tips on How to Wash Your Car – Meguiar’s Car Care Series Step 1 of 5

Step 1 of the paint care cycle is washing your car. Washing removes all those loose contaminates before they have a chance to bond or etch into the paint finish. These contaminates could be: road grime, dirt, dust, or bugs that can accumulate on a regular basis. Washing the vehicle yourself is the best bet since you can control the variables.

Always use a car wash that is designed for automotive finishes and follow the dilution directions in order to yield the best results. If you notice there is a second bucket that is used to rinse the mitt out. Rinse the car thoroughly and cool the paint surface down. Begin washing from top to bottom, slowly working your way around the car. As the wash mitt gets loaded with contaminants it is important to rinse. Wash and then rinse one section of the car at a time so that the soap does not dry.

Once the car has been washed and rinsed you should dry with a premium microfiber cloth. Don’t forget the dry the door jams to complete the job.

1) Always work in the shade or on a cool surface
2) Use a car wash that is designed for automotive finishes
3) Use premium quality mitt and drying cloth

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