Track Race: BMW M2 vs Mercedes A45 vs Audi RS3 vs Honda Type-R

For sector times and a full write-up of the test, written by our racing driver himself, see here:

These are the hero cars of a generation. Hyper-hatches that deliver performance which supercars from just a decade ago might struggle to match. And we were hugely excited to see which was fastest.

We gathered the new BMW M2, the latest Mercedes A45 AMG (with 280kW), the Audi RS3 Quattro with active exhaust and the rather mental-looking Honda Civic Type-R for a proper head-to-dead track race.

This is internal combustion vs the clock, driver vs machine, and machine vs the conditions. It’s also a test of drivetrains: rear wheel drive vs front wheel drive vs all-wheel drive.

Let us know what you thought of the race in the comments below.

You’ll find performance stats and specifications for all the cars presented at the end of the video.

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Produced by Ciro De Siena, Ashley Oldfield, Dave Taylor
Directed and presented by Ciro De Siena
Driver: Ashley Oldfield
Edit and colour by JJ Jordaan

DOP: Warrick Le Sueur
Camera: Melri Theunissen
Camera: Tom Purcell
Camera: Fuad
Sound: Moller

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