ULTIMATE Sleeper (BMW M135i) | Pov Drive

Experience a pov drive in arthur’s insanely tuned meth injected BMW M135i. This car in my opinion is the ultimate sleeper running over 560bhp could you imagine the shock on a ferrari owners face.

Watch the Full Indepth Review here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EP5OkrSveXA&t=295s

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Instrumental produced by Chuki.

Check out the previous video on nicks 820 bhp meth injected f10 m5

JB4 – running BCM @ 23 psi
AEM methanol injection
Heavy duty uprated low pressure fuel pump
Additional 6 x fuel injectors (12 in total)
BMS Port Injection Controller
Pure stage 2 large turbo upgrade
Upgraded Tmap boost sensor
35% Ethanol fuel mix
BMS air intake
Uprated turbo diverter valve
Large core uprated intercooler
Full turbo hard pipe kit
Decat downpipe
2nd exhaust box removed
Grade 8 NGK plugs

TMC remapped (with 20% extra clutch clamping)

18” Bola CSR staggered wheels
Toyo R888R 265/35/18 (rear)

Passenger blanking vent opened to flow air direct to intake

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