Versus Performance BMW M2 KW Clubsport 425hp

Just a few weeks ago I got a phone call asking would I like to shoot a KW-equipped and lightly fettled BMW M2 on the winding roads around the Nürburgring. Of course I would, who wouldn’t?

The M2 is very handsome from the factory. It has the exact right proportions of what an M car should have, and in my opinion is the best looking M coupe for quite some time. It’s short and muscular stance is akin to a modern E30 M3.

This isn’t a stock M2 either, as you’ve probably already guessed. The car belongs to German tuning house Versus Performance, which has developed this particular M2 as pretty much the perfect package for a driving enthusiast. It’s not an obnoxious car with massive power numbers, it’s a car built to be exploited to its full potential.

On the street, the M2 wears 20-inch BBS CI-Rs with a 255 section front and 295 section rear tyre setup. For track, it runs on a smaller 18-inch wheel. The brakes are stock save for what I believe to be an aftermarket pad upgrade.

Suspension wise, its running KW’s 3-way Clubsport coilover system. What separates a Clubsport from a competition coilover, is that the Clubsports have been dialled in and tested by KW on the same model of car, and are available off the shelf, where a competition setup is generally completely bespoke. It’s a stiff setup, but in no way does it detrimentally affect the ride of the car. It’s a pleasure to drive on.

Exterior modifications have been kept relatively subtle and wholly performance orientated. Versus Performance crafted its own carbon fiber front splitter and rear wing for the project, which gives the M2 a look akin to that of the previous generation E92 M3 GTS.

Power has been bumped too. Again Versus Performance developed its own Stage II setup which brings the car to 425hp, 650Nm, and removal of the factory speed limiter. Top speed is now 305km/h. That’s not to forget Versus’ own downpipe mated to a glorious sounding Akrapovič Titan Evolution exhaust system.

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