Washing The Z4 To Avoid More Christmas TV

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http://www.bhpcars.com TV was crappy, and I had eaten my way through 99% of the Christmas food, and all that was left in the Quality Street tin was the soft orange ones, and nobody likes them…

I decided that seeing as it was dry outside and I was desperately bored I would give my newly purchased Z4 Coupe a wash.

I sought advice from my friend who loves detailing cars, but I had to use what I could find in Halfords, and that was AutoGlym. I am not sure if they are good or bad, but that is what I am using.

The Z4 looks great even when it is dirty but washing the Z4 for the first time is important as you get to see how good the paintwork is and get a feel for the car. It is the best way to get to know any car.

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