Wheels treated with nano-coating after 14 months and 3 car washes

A testament to the benefit of having your wheels coated! These Porsche wheels were treated 14 months prior to this video being taken. The owner told us that he’d washed the car 3 times over the 14 months.

14 months and 3 washes, in an open car port in Atlanta. Coatings shine through as a wonderful option for protecting surfaces that are exposed to the harshest elements.

If you’re in the Atlanta area and would like to speak with us about longterm protection options for your car, we at Detailed Designs Auto Spa @ www.detaileddesignsautospa.com , are happy to schedule a consultation for you. We offer Modesta nano coatings, clear bra installation, professional car detailing, paint correction and interior coating solutions to the greater Atlanta area.

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